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Pay 2 Play book & CD $15

5:59 am.
The moment you defined “personal best time”.
You didn’t come this far to go somewhere else!
Disappear into a world of intuitive service, exceptional cuisine, engaging kids programs and an ambiance of new-fashioned luxury.
Putting on jewelry just got easier!

Not available in any exclusively digital format.
Find the P2P that’s right for you, we offer 3 physical editions:

book/CD/DL from Lamb Life below
double cs w/ sticker from Plastic Response
single cs from Gnar Tapes (coming soon)

IV cassette $6

is the artist's first full-length of song material. Recorded with punk immediacy in his then new NYC apartment after departing from California while simultaneously working on the more involved Teaspoon to the Ocean, IV is less a departure from past jib kidder releases than a coming together of their varied threads. Here, the altered state bricolage of All on Yall and Steal Guitars is applied towards words and rhythms and blended to a greater extent with played instrumentation. 

There are elements of both Andrew Pekler’s artful deconstruction and Dean Blunt’s ad hoc appropriation in Schuster-Craig’s approach, but the music that he creates with these techniques bears little resemblance to either of those artists. Instead, Schuster-Craig repurposes indistinguishable bits of rock music as the accompaniment for his own infectious power pop. Part of what makes IV so remarkable is how seamlessly Schuster-Craig’s organic instrumentation and songwriting is used in conjunction with his sampling.
-Tiny Mixtapes of the best pop records I’ve heard in some time. Done up in rare style and filled with strange hooks... Back to front. Song after song. Different pop styles presented, nailed, stuck straight in your brain.
-Boston Hassle

True Love Wallpapers cassette $6

First self-released in 2010, True Love Wallpapers is a slide-guitar meditation tape recorded live to tape in the warmth of Los Angeles's setting summer sun and under the watchful eye of one auspicious window cricket. This soft cassette is perfect for nurturing or savoring emerging amorous feeling, for recalling or clinging to fading amorous feeling or for bringing the mood of love into an otherwise loveless room. It is generous in the sense that it asks very little of the listener and offers very much, especially at the quietest audible volume.

Etudes Series 1 CD-R $6

12 humble studies in improvisational collage. Played on and recorded with whatever happened to be laying around which in the winter of 2013 was an acoustic guitar, an electric guitar, a piano and a banjo. In the traditional sense, études are intended to teach the serious student of music the playing of her instrument. Here, they are intended to teach the lifelong creator of music formal lessons in the cultivation of play and the manifestation of surprise.

Phased Embrace T-Shirt $15

Over the course of the last decade many jib kidder shirts were made - Sharpie on men's undershirts, fixed with saltwater or puff-paint reappropriations of thrift store animal shirts - but only in single editions for the artist's closest friends. These Week of Kindness style coloring book collage tees are the first to be mass produced and are a great way to show support for the artist after you download his full discog on Soulseek. White Gildan Ultra 2000 shirts
Design by SSC, edition of 100.


Asleep in the Laundryoom zine $3

I put the us in her underwear. I put the we in the sprinkler. I pet the dog with the cat in it. My goal for the day is to follow the better butterfly.

Whether a book, a booklet, a pamphlet or zine, Asleep in the Laundryroom is a 4 part prose poem which begins as the artist's actual dreams and unfolds slowly into a warring mixture of lucid thoughts about dreams and dream thoughts about lucidity.

This is the artist's first musical release to feature no music at all and is now available for purchase in xeroxed and handstapled form. Curious parties may access a free digital version here.