11.28.98 in the home of my girlfriend, strangers surround me, inside the popcorn machine is the chocolate pickle I move with my mind

12.05.09 in the outdoor open-air theater of a summer camp, David Cross and a David Cross lookalike attend the public debut of the film they made together while green bugs leave trails of blue dust all around

12.??.09 upon arriving in Atlanta, I travel on turtleback with Ben Lawless from Little 5 Points to the communal home he lives in, where his room is covered in Spiderman posters

??.??.?? fancy French producers come to visit the San Franciso studio I share with Bookworms and Roche, I take them to the pool to show them the large animals we surf on there and sing for them a song that goes I fuck with elephants! I fuck with camels! I fuck with lions! etc. etc