Etudes Series 3 (DL, 2018, Lamb Life)
Change into a Stranger / I've Been a Spy (DL, 2017, Hoss)
Napkin Bulletproof [extended reissue] (cassette, 2017, Santé Loisirs)
Pay 2 Play (book + CD + cassette, 2017, Lamb Life / Plastic Reponse)
New Works for Realistic Mixer (LP, 2016, Care/Of)
Etudes Series 2 (CD-R, 2016, self)
Covers EP
(free DL, 2015, self)
In Between
(RSD 7", 2015, Weird World)
Teaspoon to the Ocean
(LP + CD, 2015, Weird World)
Etudes Series 1 (CD-R, 2013, self)
IV (cassette, 2013, Burger/ Gnar Tapes)
Steal Guitars (LP, 2012, States Rights)
Dreams Inside of Dreams (7", 2011, Glowmobile)
Music for Hypnotized Minds
(LP + CD, 2010, Asthmatic Kitty)
True Love Wallpapers
(cassette, 2010, self)
Lossy Angeles (Soundtrack) (LP b/w Earzumba, 2010, Old Gold)
Beloved Forever Calling (Soundtrack) (cassette, 2010, FM Dust)
Cold Hands (cassette, 2009, Gnar Tapes)
All on Yall: Da Mixtape (CD-R, 2008, States Rights)
All on Yall (LP + CD, 2008, States Rights)
Small Guitar (CD-R, 2007, self)
Napkin Bulletproof (CD-R, 2006, self)


Version Tapes Vol. 4 (cassette, 2016, Version Tapes)
Version Tapes Vol. 3 (cassette, 2014, Version Tapes)
Version Tapes Vol. 2 (cassette, 2013, Version Tapes)
Version Tapes Vol. 1 (cassette, 2013, Version Tapes)
Gnar FM 3 (cassette, 2016, Gnar Tapes)
DYVNZMBR2 (cassette, 2013, DZ Tapes)
Gnar FM
(cassette, 2012, Gnar Tapes)
Songs on Conceptual Art (LP, 2012)
Nüsker Mü (CD-R, 2010, Audio Dregs)
Groan Zone (2CD, 2008, States Rights)
Bro Zone (CD-R, 2005, States Rights)


DJ Kid Slizzard pres. Psycho Sounds: Murderbells of Mempho
DJ Kid Slizzard pres. For the Weedsmokers
DJ Kid Slizzard pres. Ike Moods
DJ Kid Slizzard pres. Where They At?
DJ Kid Slizzard pres. Get Buck Funk
DJ Kid Slizzard pres. Mystic Pimpin: Triple 6 Breaks

Other Mixes

Like a Bug (2000-2015) (2015, youtube)
Woke Up Laughing (2015, youtube)


Pay 2 Play (2017, Lamb Life)
Asleep in the Laundryroom
(2014, self)